Friday 8 March 2024

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Helen Frank (Oupeinpo) 2024

Complément et substitution : emprisonnés dans un tableau

Image1: l’ensemble universel. (Si A = les tableaux). 
Image 2: A’ , ou le complément de A. (Si les portraits sont un sous-ensemble de A). 
Image 3: une substitution des têtes des porteurs par les têtes du portrait du rangée. 
Image 4: un substitution ultérieure - deux têtes des porteurs reviennent à la place des portraits qu’ils portent.

Complement and substitution: imprisoned in a painting

Image1: the universal set. (If A = paintings).
Image 2: A’ , or the complement of A. (If the portraits are a subset of A). 
Image 3: a substitution of the heads of the picture bearers with the heads of the portraits, relative to their row.
Image 4: a further substitution - two heads of the picture bearers return in place of the portraits they carry.

Compléments sous contraintes / complements under constraints - an Ou-x-po collective exhibition


Friday 4 March 2022

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The left hand of St. Jerome


privileges part two


Illustration of Compliment in set theory 

There have been a series of conferences between the various OuXpO groups on the notion of set theory, compliment, and intersection. The question arose on how to illustrate the notion of compliment, so here is my take. 

Compliment is everything other than the thing. Or as Wikipedia states: The compliment of a set A, are the elements not in A

The notation as stated alongside of the images: 

A\B is everything that is not A

B\A is everything that is not B

quasi constraint

Alfred Jarry

For fun, I have been making drawings that appear to have been made according to a constraint, alas no. The foremost consideration here, is of the aesthetic and the method is without the expected mathematical rigour. Simply cut and rearrange, however it does pay tribute to an OuPeinPo constraint, namely the Taquinoïde (or as we know it in England, the shuffle puzzle) by Jacques Carleman.

the privileges of being an amateur


The privileges of being an amateur means that I can appropriate mathematical systems, notions, etc for my own purpose. But it is more than that of course. Here, I decided to test the four colour theorem against poetry, which resulted in this visual exploration. 

More of this sort of work is on the graph theory page. 

Upcoming exhibition with the OuPeinPo

Draft flyer for the upcoming OuPeinPo exhibition. It was held in London in October, and will be travelling to Paris for a second showing in April. The dates are still to be finalised, but the vernissage is on April 6th. Santé!