Thursday, 6 December 2012

Life: mise en abyme

An Instagram mise en abyme - the play between the thing within and the containing thing itself.
The mise en abyme is the infinite reflection between two mirrors, but similarly self consciously is the mise en scene...

Arnaud Desjardin's A Book on Books on Artists' Books is a catalogue of artists' books whilst being an artist's book (so should it be in A Book on Books on Artists' Books?). Or The Pitch/The Ticket episode of Seinfeld (a sitcom "about nothing") where George and Jerry pitch the idea of a sitcom "about nothing". I've heard that Inception, the Christopher Nolan film is another example but I couldn't watch more than the first ten minutes - sorry.

So anyway, back to infinity and self consciousness

How many reflective to and fro's of the mise en abyme does it take for it to bcome uncanny?

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