Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Strategy for set backs

Using a self imposed system to create drawings that don't quite work as drawings. The process is designed to abstract the subject matter to a point of vague recognition; an obstructed familiarity.

Ironically, Blogger is not letting me upload an picture of one of these drawings, so here is the formula instead:

I = P ( O ( Lh7 ) + S

I = Image
P = Print
O = Original
Lh = Left hand
S = Scan

Oh wait, here you go...
CERN Time Line #1


Sunday, 6 January 2013


This week on BBC Radio 4 was a programme about anonymity and writing in its various forms: Belle de Jour's History of Anon, presented by Brooke Magnanti. It was very good.

In declaring ones self anonymous it states "this writing is honest and may be a bit salacious but I can do that because you don't know who I am" ... I can't help thinking that the writing must also be very well executed so as not to undermine the content.

My name is Helen Frank. There you go!